Suzanne B

Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, delicious, yummy, artistic, lovely, etc, etc describes your showcase of chocolate. My friends and family have not stopped calling me to tell me how divine the desserts were. I cannot thank you enough for your attention to detail in setting up this station and making it look so magnificent. Karyn, you were a delight to work with and I do hope our paths cross again soon. We have 1 apple left and are waiting to cut it open so we can savor every bite. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Miriam E

Delicious! Beautiful! Fun!! Your chocolate dessert bar was both a delightful and sensational ending to a wonderfully warm wedding. All my friends thought that the chocolate bar was a perfect finish to the wedding they had been waiting for. As you know, I had been thinking/planning the chocolate bar for a long time. I will say that it was well worth waiting for. Thanks and Fondly.

Lesley L

Chocolate Passion's Dessert Station is a visual marvel and a chocolate-lover's dream. If it can be conjured in chocolate, Karyn can bring it to life in mouth-watering, exquisite details. Her creations are too fabulous to eat and impossible not to. Guests at my daughter's wedding raved! Thank you!

Linda M

This is what heaven looks like! Outstanding, Beautiful, Magical. Thank you for everything! I loved it all. Love, Linda M

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